(Guatemala local time UTC-6)


9:00   Opening performative lecture by Jonas Staal and Jan Fermon at Collectivize Facebook a Pre-trial.


10:45 The signs of the road: the historical violences

           – Gladys Turner Bosso

           – Hugo Quinto

            moderated by: Anabella Acevedo


13:00  Paradise shared out: structural inequality

              – María Jacinta Xón Riquiac

              – Julia Halperin

              – Rosina Cazali Escobar

              moderated by: Beto Díaz Suárez


14:50 Where the sky begins: ancestral culture and the heritage of resistance

                – Ayrson Heráclito

                – Alejandro Biguria

                moderated by: Gabriel Rodríguez Pellecer


16:00 Closing remarks