paz errázuriz

Paz Errázuriz (Santiago, Chile, 1944)

This exhibition accompanies Chilean photographer Paz Errázuriz on a journey through 40 years of her work. It will focus on several photographic series, some emblematic ones like La Manzana de Adán (Adam’s Apple), Nomades del Mar (Sea Nomads), and El Infarto del Alma (Heart attack of the soul). These works will be complemented by two new series produced in Guatemala that relate her work to the local context, based on themes present in her previous explorations.


Her work seeks, through photography, to create empathy for the subjects she portrays. And more than just posing for her camera, there is a relationship of closeness and intimacy, from which her portraits become acts to dignify groups that in most of her series are marginal or in some way oppressed by society.

La grandeza del margen, 2020. Foto: Byron Mármol.