Inaugurated in 1978 (the year of the Paiz stores’ golden anniversary), the Paiz Art Biennial is the most important initiative undertaken in Guatemala contributing to the development of the plastic arts, as well as being one of the most important and transcendental artistic events of the Central American region. With the desire to project more to the community, the Paiz Foundation has promoted this event as a platform for the exhibition and recognition of national artists abroad, as well as the consolidation of the visual arts scene in the country.


Organized by the Permanent Culture Program, it has included since its inception different branches of art such as painting, sculpture, drawing and photography, with a methodology of free participation and awards, based on categories and options presented by specialized jurors. A huge number of works by participants have been involved, both by established artists and by young exponents who over time have fully developed their creative capacity.


Over the years, the Art Biennial has transformed its methodology by adapting to the movement of the country and generating an illustrative showcase that reflects social concerns through contemporary art. It has become a space for the discussion and reconfiguration of proposals and artistic trends. Around the exhibitions, workshops, talks and interactive activities, among others, guided by leading national and international curators, the Biennial has an important pedagogical component designed for its different publics: children, young people, art lovers and specialists, all of whom are involved in a great cultural experience that is totally free and accessible.



The Paiz Foundation’s mission for art and education focuses on providing training opportunities in a comprehensive and inclusive way to people through art, culture and education throughout the country. Seeking not only to contribute to social change through education, culture and art, but also for people to transform the way they see themselves and their realities through education and art in order to build proposals, dynamics and common and inclusive spaces that contribute to improving living conditions in Guatemala.


The visual arts are the focus through which a public is formed in continuous dialogue with personalities from the various branches of knowledge, generating new content that is disseminated in various formats, such as in videos and publications. As part of the mission, we have worked hard for more than 40 years to promote the circulation of art produced by artists in Guatemala and to preserve the country’s cultural memory.



The Paiz Foundation for Education and Culture is a non-profit institution whose objective is to contribute to the development and transformation of Guatemalan society. Having started activities in the 1970s, it was instituted 40 years ago and became legally established in 1990. It is concerned with the recognition, respect and appreciation of cultural values ​​and the strengthening of their identity. It promotes initiatives inside and outside the national territory and promotes cultural exchange activities.


The Paiz Foundation has developed numerous activities during its existence. The modalities used have also been very diverse in nature and have been present throughout the country and in Central America. Through the programs that the Foundation conducts as the Permanent Culture Program, specific actions have been implemented that have yielded great benefits for the Guatemalan population.


In addition, it works by privileging those people who are the first in his family to have an academic qualification as an example to follow. Its Department of Education and Social Projection, implements scholarship programs (Paiz Accomplishment Scholarships) providing economic resources (including support with university, school and technical assistance scholarships (Graciela Andrade de Paiz Scholarships) based on an alliance with eight establishments to improve educational quality and guarantee school success; and on the other hand, in partnership with the business sector and international cooperation resources, it conducts different projects to improve life skill training, technical training and employability of young people who are neither in study or work.


All efforts promote processes of school and/or technical training in an integral way, in which art plays a decisive role in the transformation of our beneficiaries at the individual, social, and community level.




General Curator
Alexia Tala Barril


Gabriel Rodríguez Pellecer


Education coordinator
Esperanza de León Illescas


Lucrecia Barrientos de Gaitán


Production Assistant
Mario René Quiyuch Tepeu


Administration Production Assistant
Ana Silvia Yuman


José Roberto Vásquez Pérez


Installation Assitant
Edson Díaz Pérez


Itziar Sagone Echeverría
Ana Isabel López Samayoa
Amarilis Mejía Cuéllar


Logistics Support
Luis Picholá Rosales
Haroldo Campos López


Visual Image Design
The AD Company
Detánico & Lain


Visual Image and Advertising Coordination
Helena Galindo


Graphic Design
Karen Bethancourt López
Antonia Ilić


Communications and Public Relations
Magui Medina de García


International Communication and Public Relations
Pickles PR


Audiovisual Production
Eduardo Moreno


Uriel Ruano


Social Nerworking
Magui Medina de García


Symposion Coordinator
Cecilia Vilela








María Regina Paiz Toledo


Vice President
Anabella de Paiz


Fernando Paiz Andrade


Jacqueline Paiz Riera


Isabel Paiz de Serra
Mónica Serra Paiz
Daniela Serra Santamarina


External Advisors
Carmen Sánchez
Hugo Quinto
María Dolores Moreno





Executive Director
Itziar Sagone Echeverría


Administration Coordinator
Iris  Figueroa Méndez


Institutional Development and Communication Coordinator
Ana Isabel López Samayoa


Education and Outreach Coordinator
Ana Castillo Marroquín


Biennial Producer
Lucrecia Barrientos De Gaitán


Human Resources
Gabriela Palacios Pérez


Adrián Lorenzana González


Director Assitant
Ivonne López Urízar


Administration Assistant
Ericka Rodríguez Rueda


Administrative Support Technique
Lorena Ovando Gil


Education and Outreach Assistant
Marta Lopez González
Noemi Ajpop Elías


Technical Assistant
José Roberto Vásquez Pérez


Graphic Design
Karen Bethancourt López


Uriel Ruano


Audiovisual Production
Eduardo Moreno


Carla Natareno Letona


Continuing Education
Mayari Juracán Salazar


Haroldo Campos López


Digital Systems Support
Edson Díaz Pérez


Computer Support Assistant
Ester Ayala Randa