Educational project

Based on the issues addressed by the 22nd Paiz Art Biennial lost. in between. together, the educational project will organize various activities, beginning in November 2019 and extending until September 2020. All these activities aim to stimulate debate and experimentation around contemporary art and target a wide audience, including teachers, primary and secondary school children, university students, and the general public. At the same time, following its local and contextually based methodology, dialogue is a key guiding concept for the educational project. Its activities will include open meetings and presentations of the creative processes involved in commisioned works, among others.


All events will be held at the 11 venues that will host the 22nd Biennial, both in Guatemala City and La Antigua Guatemala, as well as in schools. Many of the activities require registration so it is important to keep up to date with the calendar section.


Supported by the Paiz Foundation, whose mission is to support education and culture, the Biennial is its most important event, one that that has historically embraced the need for discussion, dissemination and appreciation of contemporary art produced in Guatemala. The educational project’s activities serve as a bridge to relate art and education both between the national and international participating artists and the general public.


The Perverse Geography / Cursed Geographies Symposium is presented as a platform for exposition and discussion. It seeks to establish the links and coincidences between the themes of the 22nd Paiz Art Biennial lost. In between. together.


It will explore today’s historical conflicts and realities in terms of Latin America’s and the Global South’s ancestry and uncertain future, including the perspectives of speakers from different fields of culture such as anthropology, history, cinema, visual arts, etc.


The forms of ancestral survival experienced in Guatemala’s history make the country profoundly relevant for building a platform to address these issues. To talk about indigenous issues from the indigenous identity of the place itself and its society.


The program and its participants will be announced shortly.