Jessica Kairé

Jessica Kairé


Her work oscillates between sculpture, food, performance and participatory works. The topics she addresses range from gender violence, violence in Guatemala and Latin America to tropicalisms, underdevelopments and her Jewish ancestry. The interaction with the public has been a constant in several of her projects. In some cases her work sought through sculpture as historical comfort in the face of contemplation of political violence. In other projects she has sculpted with chocolate and bread, taking as a mold pieces of architecture, to savor it.

Confortset (pastel), 2011, tela, relleno sintético e hilo, dimensiones variables. Foto: cortesía del artista.

Ponchosanti-Zika, 2016, dimensiones variables. Foto: cortesía del artista.

Monumento plegable (monumento a la revolución de 1944), 2020, canvas de algodón. Foto: cortesía.