Yasmin Hage

Yasmin Hage


Yasmin Hage’s processes are long and complex, and lead to the discovery of associations that expose political, social problems of the contrasts and injustices of Guatemala. Trained in drawing, her work shifts between personal stories and historical conflicts, where she finds links that she develops into installations. Her installations result in devices that draw interactive models and statistical tables. Each of Hage´s projects are a small story that changes every time she recounts it, accumulating new iterations.


Derivas a la deriva (en otra parte), 2015-2016, dimensiones variables. Foto: cortesía Ash Aravena.

Aldea Modelo, pequeña historia, 1984,-2007, testimonio oral. Foto: cortesía del artista.

El olvido que no sabe que es olvido, 2013-2014, Intervención, fragmento de Kaminal Juyú. Foto: cortesía del artista.