Francisca Aninat

Francisca Aninat


Painting is Aninat’s language, and collage is her creative process. Painting is at once her medium and her support. Her pieces are created by breaking up and recomposing paintings and other elements. Many of her works are born out of collaborations with communities in hospitals, immigration offices or other places where time stands still in long waits, and is materialized in objects.

Tránsito Material, 2009, fragmentos de cartones, diarios e hilos, dimensiones variables, créditos: Oswaldo Ruiz.

Libro de Pintura, 'Antes de Llegar', 2008, técnica mixta, fragmentos de pintura y papel, 47 x 36 x 10 cm.

La Falsa Medida, 2017, pintura, moldaje, transferencia gráfica, yeso, hilo, tela, dimensiones variables, créditos: Jorge Brantmayer.