Fernando Poyón

Fernando Poyón


Artist of Maya Kaqchikel origin. His artistic practice originates from Comalapa, Chimaltenango, with sculptures and objects that illustrate the contrast between the indigenous cosmovision and Western culture. The map as a demarcation of territories, becomes something relative and fluid in the work of Fernando Poyon, responding to a humorous criticism of this Western cosmopolitan idea. Poyón’s work also criticizes the ideas of homeland or nation state as something difficult to identify with from an indigenous standpoint.

Espacio de inmigración, 2018, madera, tela y esponja.

El peso del día, 2017, cemento y madera; 32 x 28 x 22 cms.

Ejercicios de desaprender, 2018, madera, PVC, metal; dimensiones variables.