Emo de Medeiros

Emo de Medeiros


Emo de Medeiros’ work occupies a space between sight and touch. His projects address this synesthesia, which moves symbiotically from the sensory to the conceptual. In his pieces aesthetic elements combine with cultural, ethnic, technological and historical characteristics in immersing rituals. He is constantly looking for elements that recur in different cultures and that he reinterprets and mixes, such as the use of masks, musical instruments, and dance. His works do not distinguish between materials, practices and ideas; all three are raw material for his pieces.

Kaleta/Kaleta, 2014-2017. Foto: Byron Mármol para Fundación Paiz.

Kaleta/Kaleta, 2014-2017.

Transmutations, 2016, video, 3:23 min. Foto: cortesía del artista.