Diego Isaías Hernández Méndez (Gua)

Diego Isaías Hernández


His pictorial work reinforces characteristic elements of Guatemalan popular painting, but at the same time he has followed his own individual path. The scenes he portrays are a kind of tragicomic dance accompanied by mystical elements that announce the presence of supra-human forces. These take place in everyday scenarios typical of rural life when their protagonists are confronted by the sudden onset of a natural disaster or a danger that attacks or approaches.


Linda Chapinita, 2007, óleo sobre Tela, 60 x 86 cm. Foto: cortesía del artista.

Destrucción del huracán Mitch en Guatemala, 2020. Foto: cortesía del artista.

Destrucción de una Tormenta Tropical, Foto: cortesía del artista.