Antonio Pichillá

Antonio Pichillá


His work is closely linked to the culture of the the Mayan-Tz’utujil ethnic group, to which he belongs, which is present in the work through different elements that tell us about inherited ancestral knowledge. In his work with with sacred objects such as glyphs and looms and in a play with the possibilities of patterns and knots, the artist references the entire cosmovision surrounding his daily life.


Quipo, 2015, óleo sobre tela y textil artesanal, 120 X 80 X 9 cm.

Rojo Anudado, 2016, óleo sobre tela, madera y metal, 50 X 35 X 6 cm, Crédito: Rene De Carufel.

Viento, 2020. Fotos: Byron Mármol.