Angelica Serech

Ángelica Serech


With her starting point in the traditional costumes of San Juan Comalapa, Angélica Serech builds pieces as clothing that transcend textiles. Her experimentation has led her to blend into her pieces objects and other textures such as corn skin and the branches of trees. Angelica’s textiles carry within them the daily lives and surroundings of her people. Her fabrics are accumulations of knots, different thicknesses of thread and colors that coincide in lattices that sometimes seem to respond to a logic and sometimes to intuition.

Mi historia en nudos, al dorso de mi güipil, 2021. Fotos: Byron Mármol.

Rubo' onil Ruwachu' ulew (colores de mi tierra), 2015, tejido plano, 90cm x 120 cm.

kaj nimaya' (cielo y mar), 2015, tejido plano, 90 cm x 120 cm.