Andrea Monroy

Andrea Monroy


The artist conceives of her art as a space in which to communicate the richness, complexity and dense artistic-historical content of Mayan textiles. For her, a textile is a material synthesis of the Mayan worldview. In her works Monroy deconstructs the textile in its forms and processes. She sees this practice as an act of writing, engaging with it at a conceptual level and using it in her work as a canvas for denouncing violence against women.

Yuxtaposiciones, 2021. Fotos: Byron Mármol.

De la serie Patrones, patrón número 41, 2017, escritura con plantilla y pigmento,120 cm ancho x alto y fondo variable. Foto: cortesía del artista.

De la serie “Patrones”: Patrón no. 41, 2017, escritura con plantilla y pigmento hechizo sobre tela; 120 x 730 cm. Foto: cortesía del artista.