Ana Teresa Barboza

Ana Teresa Barboza


Ana Teresa’s work is based on fabric as a starting point. The fibers in her work function as an imitation of enveloping natural objects. Her textiles are skins that mimic organic growth. Her installations of two-dimensional works, even architectures, have a craft origin with an emphasis on molds. Sometimes a photo is the starting point of a textile and sometimes the surface of an object, which are replaced by the fabric or palm.

Suspensión 3, 2013, bordado en tela y tejido en hilo, 60 x 50 cm.

La experiencia de la proximidad, 2016, tejido con hilos y cuerdas de algodón, tubo de metal, 280 x 160 cm.

Canastas unidas, 2017, 3 atados de junco de Huacho tejido en 30 días, 300 x 310 cm.